Elephant Quiz

Elephant is a simple software solution that monitors your inbound and outbound telephone calls so you can maximise efficiency and reduce your costs.

Take our 10 SECOND / 10 QUESTION QUIZ and if you would like our help in answering the questions, call us on 0203 371 3333 or email info@wcgl.co.uk.

01. Are you losing valuable incoming calls?
02. Can you track those lost calls and call them back?
03. How long are your customers waiting before their calls are answered?
04. Are your best operators answering calls at your busiest times?
05. Who in your telesales team is making or taking the most calls?
06. Can you reconcile your telephone call expenditure?
07. Is your telephone system vulnerable to fraudulent use and abuse?
08. Do you have too many lines and could you reduce this cost?
09. Can you accurately compare different carrier tariffs before you decide to migrate?
10. Would you like the answers to these questions automatically emailed to you?
If any of the questions above lead you to think that you may benefit from a free 21 day trial of Elephant Call Management, contact us on 0203 371 3333 or email info@wcgl.co.uk.

The Elephant Call Management system assists your business by simply importing call data from your telephone system and providing reports for inbound and outbound call activity. These reports offer an insight into the efficiencies of your telephone system and may highlight areas of call handling which could be improved. .